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Ozone has been used by doctors in Europe for more than a century as a therapeutic agent. Amongst other properties, ozone is oxygenating and antioxidant.
Our skin is the human tissue that is most exponed to sunlight and premature oxidation. For this reason, it benefits greately from oxygenating and antioxidant agents. Research has shown that many of ozone’s properties can be stabilized in certain vegetable oils if they are adequately ozonated. Ozoaqua has developed systems and protocols to ozonate specific oils to ensure that ozone’s properties are maximized in our products.

In addition, we discovered that our way of producing ozonated comp ones allowed them to remain stable over time, and that the ozonated vegetable oils maintain many of ozone’s benefits. By creating ozone-based cosmetic products, we are able to put those benefits to work for the benefit of the skin. Our products can be used on any skin type, including very sensitive or baby’s skin.
When applied on healthy skin, our products can smooth wrinkles and help delay skin aging. The application of ozonated oil promotes the renewal of your skin. Our clients see unique results that encourage them to repeat their purchases and try some of our other products.

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Benefits of Ozone for your skin

Ozone has a number of benefits when used for cosmetic purposes:
Oxygenating, purfying, anti-oxidant.

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Our cosmetic oil and creams retain many of ozone’s properties, at a cosmetic level. Ozone can:
Activate the production of elastin and collagen
, improve cell oxygenation
Stimulate skin repair/regeneration
 and activate anti-oxidant processes.
These properties make ozonated oils and creams a product with unique cosmetic properties for skin care. Our line of products will help your skin retard its aging, and appear young and healthy-looking. Ozoaqua uses highest quality non-GMO oils imported from Europe. All other active ingredients are certified organic.


The properties of ozonated oils and creams make these products a perfect tool to slow the skin’s aging process, giving the skin a younger and healthier appearance.
Here are some ideas on how to use our products*:

For everyday skin care: We suggest that you wash your face with Ozoaqua’s bar soap. Follow with the ozonated oil or cream. Some people use the oil at night and the cream in the mornings. Remember, a very small amount of our products will go a long way. Use the smallest amount possible and, if you feel you need more, repeat the step.

For dry, damaged skin: Wash the area with Ozoaqua’s bar soap and apply the cream at night.

For dry skin in hands and feet: Apply the ozone cream morning before putting on your shoes and at night before going to sleep.

For diaper rush: Apply the ozone cream on the affected area as often as necessary.

Acne: Wash your face with the soap bar, let the foam stay on your face for a few minutes, until it is completely absorbed. Follow with the ozone cream morning and night.

Rough, aged skin: Apply the oil or the cream once a day.

Intimate hygiene: Wash the area with the bar of soap.

*None of the statements on this website have been evaluated by the FDA. Ozoaqua’s products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. If you have a skin problem and/or any doubts or questions regarding whether you should use these products, please consult with a physician.

OZONE CREAM, 1.7 fl. oz./ 50 c.c.

Ozoaqua’s Sensi Lisotot© Cream can be used at night after cleansing the skin or as a day cream under your sun screen. Its high level of Lisotot, our scientifically formulated blend of oils, make it a perfect aid against skin aging and will help delay the onset of fine lines, as well as diminishing them. Our cream should be used by anyone who wishes to delay aging and take care of their youthful skin. This cream contains many of ozone's properties: oxygenating, regenerating, antioxidant and germicide. It avoids premature aging of the skin and improves its elasticity. It can be used on any skin type.

    OZONE OIL, 1.7 fl. oz./50 ml.

    Ozoaqua's Lisotot© oil holds unique properties for skin care. Our proprietary blend of ozonated oils preserves many of ozone's benefits for the skin: oxygenating, regenerating and anti-oxidant.

    It can be used on any skin type, including baby's. When applied on healthy skin, it helps prevent premature aging and acts as a potent anti-wrinkle agent. Helps improve dry, stressed skin.

      SOAP BAR, 3.5 oz./100 grs.

      Ozoaqua's soap bar is manufactured and and and cut by the Mediterranean sea. Our proprietary blend of the highest quality European, non-GMO oils and organic active ingredients guarantees the efficacy and safety of our product. Our soap bar is specially formulated for daily hygiene and skin care. It cleanses your skin in depth without harming it, respecting the skin's hydrolipidic layer.

      How to use: Roll the bar of soap between your hands until you produce a thick lather. Let it penetrate the skin on your hands and face. Rinse with abundant warm water. Follow with our ozone cream or ozone oil for superb skin care.


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