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  • I have used Ozoaqua's cream on some rashes I had on my face from shaving too closely and my skin looked just like new in a few days! Amazing product!

    Tim L.
  • I have used these products for years now and everyone commented after I started about how look my skin looked. They still do! I recommend the products to everyone I know, and to you too!
    Ana T.
  • I use Ozoaqua's cream and oil on my skin every day. I have noticed that my skin is not dry anymore, no pulling and just a tiny bit moisturizes my entire face. I noticed that my make up goes on a lot better also. It acts like a primer. I am constantly complimented on my skin. As an added note, I had major surgery on my foot which left multiple scars. Right after the stitches were removed I started using the oil on the scars and even the doctor was amazed at how healthy they looked. They were also very faded after just one week. The nurse could not believe it and put it on my foot every time she came to my house until I could walk on my own.  

    T. B. -- San Jose, CA
  •   I am a middle aged woman who is using Ozoaqua's products for the first time. I have noticed that my face has more light and the skin looks healthier. I love the way my skin looks and feels now, with more structure and an overall improvement.

    M. Johnson. Campbell, CA.

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